Old Pottery, Able Hands

by inLimbo

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Hands, they reach up to touch, open, grasp, high-five, poke, point, play, and only reach down to tie our shoelaces. That’s where Inlimbo’s new album Old Pottery, Able Hands (OPAH) lays, as that bow-tied double-knot in your gaudy old sneakers. You know, the ones with the street-worn sole and laces that are starting to un-stuff themselves from the shiny plastic tipped encasing, from the inside out. You tighten the knot with your finger-ends, cause you know it’s functional, you know it works, but the fabric is going to break soon, so its off to purchase a new pair as you toss those ancient shoes beside the garden where they sit beside the soil holding years of sweat, your first love, and other nostalgia, with duct-tape on the outsole and on the toe-cap.
Although this is Inlimbo’s first full length album, these songs have been in the garden for a while, being tended to by its four members, garden-hoes and water-pales in each hand, braving the fluctuating Canadian climate from the summer’s blazing heat, the fall’s cutting winds, the winter’s frigid cold and the spring’s attack of pollen (we’re all allergic). This team of musical pilgrims have made a mosaic of different songs, each sounding unique in its own way, but with each, an echoing of understanding that they were pulled out of the same ground.
And maybe that’s why OPAH is so diverse. Sure, there is melody, there’s pop structure (whatever that is), but the soil isn’t tight, it’s organic, it’s all ready to fall apart at any second with crashing symbols, seething guitar chords, and slinky bass lines. It’s held stable only by the ubiquitous cooing and cawing of its two lead singers. OPAH was harvested (to keep the allegory going) by recording engineer Josh Korody, who’s wonderful sonic raking has helped Inlimbo mirror the energy and charisma of their live performance.
Inlimbo says a lot of things on this album, all pointing towards self-illusion, other people’s perception of self-illusion, how others perceive your perception and so forth until it becomes a massive carousel that we’re all comfortably strapped to. The album is about being able to communicate while we are all spinning with each other. It’s never easy. We can all wave hello, but the only way to know if we did is if there is a wave back. Round and round we go.

- Giulio G. Rocco


released June 17, 2010

Lyrics by : Giulio Rocco
Music by : Giulio Rocco, Taylor Page, Adam Slinn, Sandro Rocco

Giulio Rocco : Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals
Taylor Page : Lead and Backing Vocals
Adam Slinn : Drums, Backing Vocals
Sandro Rocco : Bass, Lap Steel Guitar

inLimbo : www.facebook.com/iaminlimbo
Artwork by : Jennifer Ilett jenniferilett.blogspot.com
Recorded and Mixed by : Josh Korody joshkorody.com



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inLimbo Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Track Name: This Is How We Say Hello
thunder, and lighting/the heat rushing past/I feel better/in the rain/it’s frightening/I know/the feeling of going/down the drain/earth to bone/shake windows/break them/they can’t hold/this is how we say hello
Track Name: Busy Man, Busy Hands
mold your shapes/and dilate/from top of town/you number crunching hound/busy hands /for the busy man/but don’t forget the china in the corners of your state/untouched breakables that should hold a heavy weight/that a bull like you could hammer gone with your clumsy gait/but you get off on that /it’s all fair game/when you don't know their names/sweep them out of sight/those mice don’t have the right/I’m a busy man/I got busy plans/but don’t forget the people in the corners of your state/balancing on ledges holding on to what you’d break/while you’re keen on cutting figures /keeping everything you take/gonna call you out on that/and you like to keep busy/but you don’t know how to stop/so put down your hands /this old pottery will stand up and walk if we watch/I can get that
Track Name: (I Wanna Be Your) Ronald Reagan
I wanna be your Ronald Reagan/your detente’/your kingpin/I’m gonna thaw you/until the sun goes down/I wanna be your /Ronald Reagan/I wanna be your/cold war cowboy/your pin-up/poster-toy/close my eyes until I speak the truth/gonna lie until I speak the truth/and ride on, into the sunset/throw it on the dinner table/somebody else will see/I’m not me/I wanna be your self-sacrifice/follow the stars to a cut out christ/I’m hung up baby and it’s all for you/oh darling it’s all for you/(just don’t look behind the alter)/I wanna be your Ronald Reagan/your Teflon man/unshaken/gonna leave everything behind/drop the ball/have a real good time/I wanna be your Ronald Reagan
Track Name: When I Come To
I'm dreaming in circles I'm wishing in wells/I'm building up a fortress for my personal cell/I can't look at the surface/she's beautiful too/gonna stay inside this coma/if I can't stay with you/step inside my heart/with those high heels diggin in/rip it all apart/start all over again/well it's okay/I can't feel it anyways/cause what i see/isn't exactly what you'll do/when I come to/I'm talking in circles/I'm convincing myself/that this just ain't over/that this/will all work out/while you’re crossing my borders/I'm looking the other way/and when I turn around/I won't know what to say/please paint me this picture/paint it for this fool/gonna stare at it forever/till the colours fade to you/well it's okay/I can't feel it anyways/wake up now
Track Name: A Real Mean Slow Song
it hangs in the air/in this room/and these chairs/the space between you and me/we don’t speak and it kills/like the ice in my drink/melts so slowly/but it sure does love lips company/I’m sure we’d all love some company /to melt quickly/now I’m shaken/it’s stuck in my head/my mouth is a clumsy stone/oh sweet distraction/please lend me a hand/it comes in the form of a phone/now everyone is dancing/why can’t we kick in/you keep clicking your purse a mile a minute/you’re impatient/and this slow dance /won’t end/and I swear I saw the minute hand/curl back/the questions on my tongue/the song/has already passed/now they’re jumpin’/and you wanna jump in/your eyes /flying around the room/well get off your chair /I’ll still be here/a statue/and I missed my chance/and I knew how to dance/a real mean slow song/or at least could of sang along/or at least you could of sang along/opened your mouth and sang along/sing with me
Track Name: Cold Cold Blues
I gotta feel something soon/or I'll go insane/I can't tell my head from my toes/and everybody knows that's how you feel too/you got the cold cold blues/don't matter if it's hot/raining, sleet, or frigid snow/I'm always at an all time low/just like the classic hero/knows he's gonna lose/I've got the cold cold blues/a frosted pin drop could be heard from inside my head/it's my own personal bed/and I always feel that hollow chill before the sleep ensues/I've got the cold cold blues/these empty words flow of this empty page/I pause to see if I can relate/but I can't complete this crossword that's got no clues/I’ve got the cold cold blues/and your cold cold heart/and your cold cold head/knows no bounds/it’s just stuck by this weightlessness/that keeps you awake/staring off into space/we are off into space/hold me down
Track Name: Your Time To Sunshine
well this is where the boat will sink/so deep from the dock /keep the woman and children off/the captain’s going down with it/a couple more years/he’d have enough of this shit anyways/but come on now/it’s your time to sunshine/they’re all looking at you/like you’re alright/they’re all looking at you/like you know how to swim/don’t you fuck it up/give yourself some fins/well this is where the plane will crash/8 miles from the runway/through your heart and your head/tell the passengers it’s not your fault/and eject/but come now/it’s your time to sunshine/they’re all looking at you/like you’re all right/they’re all looking at you/like a bird with big wings/don’t you fuck it up/call yourself a starling/you’re no legally binding document but you always make me throw in my two cents/I don’t have a plan/well this is where I’ll write down/well come on now/it’s your time to sunshine /they’re looking at you/like you’ve gone blind/they’re looking at you/like some china doll fake/don’t you fuck it up/give your head a shake
Track Name: Bring Your Own Light
all the poets are getting laid tonight/their sonnets show their spent time/under their sleeves/are just more lines you can read/so lay on down with these worn pages/and make sure the room is lit up right/to your own light/bring your own light/so we can’t hide/all the philanthropists are getting proposed to/with big ideas that they did not choose to preach/but it’s eating up their ink/so spill your eyes over the process/try and make sense of the prose/there’s something there/make you want to feel/bring your own light/so we can’t hide/and all the books are getting read tonight/bring your own light/so we can’t hide/and all those love songs are gonna eat your heart out/so come back with a pen/and write it, (just write it)
Track Name: Standing Next To The Giants
here, I stand next to the giants/they lay on their mountain bed and never say a thing/so I sing/a song into their able hands/about the leaves that are falling off of me/when I was just a plant/I'd look for the places that I couldn't reach/but here/I stand next to these giants/they lay on their mountain bed/and don't even speak/well I know you’ve got those ancient plans/to sleep, and sink into the land/but it’s getting tough/and we're not big enough/they dream, they whimper in their sleep/the grass grows when the giants weep/but they still hold to their hill/it trickles down, that golden reprimand/you left champagne for the bridge hand/but now he can't even build(he’s drunk out of his will)/so here, I sit next to the giants/their tongues are stuck in their ivory teeth/so I sing/a name into each their heads/they move their eyes from their mountain bed/and blink/well I know you’ve got those ancient plans/to sleep, and sink into the land/but it’s getting tough/and we're not big enough (and we’re not)
Track Name: I Can Blind Further Than You Can
I read the news/I read the news/I always say I do/I can play linguistics/just check my tongue for it/run around symbolic/this ink is going nowhere/but I can turn my head/and close my ears/ain’t it weird?/I can chew you out of tune/sell it on a paper plate/and throw your pretty had away/cause you’re just having a bad day/you’re just having a bad day/but I can roll my eyes/and shine my teeth/ain’t that mean?/ I can blind further than you can